Privacy policy

We appreciate your privacy. This privacy policy applies to the use of software and services, provided by ("Services"). We collect the information with the purpose to increase the quality of services only. We will never sell or share this information with other legal entities for commercial purposes, with the exception of the cases when it’s needed to fulfill your requests or when the service is sold.

Information that we collect and how we use it

Provided information

When registering or using the Services, we ask for your personal data, like your name and email address. We use this information to provide you the services, to contact you in case of necessity and increase the quality of our service.


Cookies are a small fragment of data, used for information exchanging between your browser and a server. We use cookies to store a session identifier. A server deletes cookies when you sign out. We can use permanent cookies to store some of your preferences, like user interface preferences or automatic logging in.

Server logs

Each time when you visit web interface of the Services, an entry is added to a server log. This entry includes date and time, your IP address, browser type, browser language, referrer and address of a requested page. When being connected by client software, server log adds that includes timestamps, your IP address, your Services username, client platform and client software version. We use this information for analytic purposes in a generalized form.

Data storage

The service uses third-party hosting providers to store data. We store your user name, email addresses, lists of tasks. Your password is stored encrypted.


The service can disclose personal information when it is required by an inquiry of law-enforcement agencies or a summons, when you violate the terms and conditions of using the service.