About a service

What is Pretty tasks?

Pretty tasks is an online service of tasks management and a powerful tool to increase personal efficiency. The most important aim of the project is to help you reach your goals, thus bringing some benefit to society.

Why PrettyTasks?

This service is just wonderful :)

PrettyTasks provides a tasks manager, to-do lists, a diary.

How ?

Nothing is done after one move of magic wand. Having got a concept, a team of professionals was created: developers, designers, user interface designers, copywriters, and, certainly, The Author.

Everybody did their job their best, and, as a result, we've got a great product, which can be used to fulfill your planning needs totally.

How the project can be helpful to me?

Pretty tasks allows you to set goals and reach them. While planning everyday tasks with the service, you'll be able to do more and to become more successful at the end. Finally, you'll get more time to live your life fully.

How can I help the project?

It is simple: tell your friends about us; write a post in your blog about us or use Facebook to describe your experience with us.